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Stephanie’s journey with comedy began as a child when she learned the power of making people laugh.  Eventually she began pursuing stand up comedy in her 30s, married with 2 small children. Nine months after her first time on stage, Stephanie won a trip to the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has been on the Denver comedy scene for over 17 years.


She appeared on Nick at Nite's TV Show "America's Funniest Mom" and The Steve and Stephanie Morning show on KOOL 105.


Stephanie’s is a co-founder of the MentalPause Comedy Show and The Twilight Moan Podcast - Laughter, Love and Sex After 50.


Stephanie is passionate about empowering and coaching speakers and entrepreneurs on how they can add humor to their presentations to create more engagement with their audience.  She has developed a Be Funnier! Short and Sweet Coaching Package and she offers motivational speaking on the following topics:  Be Funnier! How to Add Humor to Your Presentation and The Importance of Laughter.  

Stephanie loves dogs, has a recipe for chocolate tofu pie that you will LOVE and can touch her tongue to her nose.  Stephanie lives in Denver, CO.

feedback from audience members

“Stephanie McHugh was amazing! Highlight of the event!”


“Stephanie was great – and I am glad she spoke after lunch since that is when I usually begin to lose focus!”


“I loved Stephanie as the keynote and her speech felt the most personable to me. I would like to see her again at future Women’s Summits!”


“I think is was smart to have a comedian after lunch as it kept the mood light and kept everyone’s attention.”


“Enjoyed the humor presentation. Stephanie McHugh is the best!"

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